We specialise in Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tours.

Our photographer is a Google Trusted Photographer and so you can be sure that we are authorised to photograph virtual tours for you, upload them to Google’s servers and enhance your Google Local listing.  This will improve your search engine visibility and mean that your customers can view your premises directly from Google Maps before they even arrive at your door.

If you already know what a Virtual Tour is, then you may want to just go right ahead and book.  If you’re unsure or want to learn exactly what one is then you might like to view some examples.  It’s also likely that you have some questions.  We have answers to the most popular questions in our FAQ section.

Or you can watch Google’s promotional video right here.

But the biggest question is most people’s mind when they hear about the great advantages of Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tours is

How much is this going to cost me?

Don’t worry.  We have a clear simple pricing structure.  And it’s probably a lot more affordable than you expect.

Frequently asked questions

By far the most common questions we get asked are below.  To find the answer, just click on the “plus” sign next to the question.

What is a Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tour?

It’s a virtual tour of your place of business.

If you’re familiar with Google Streetview, that allows people using Google Maps  to see roads, streets and shop fronts from their computer.  Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tours take this one step further – people can virtually walk round your business before visiting.  They can check out the amount of space in your pub or the ambience of your restaurant or just how your shop feels before they even leave home.

It also includes a number of professionally shot photographs of your business showing it off to its best.

Why would I want one?

There are lots of reasons why you might want a Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tour – here are some of the most common

  1. It enhances your Google Local listing giving you an advantage over your competitors
  2. It improves your appearance in Google searches
  3. It allows your potential customers to get a feel for your business before they even visit.  Imagine friends at work trying to decide which restaurant they want to visit.  They have seen reviews and heard good things about a number of them – but only your allows them to see what the ambience is like before visiting.
  4. It provides high quality, professional photography for your website at a cost far lower than a traditional photo shoot.
  5. It allows you to enhance your website or Facebook page with a virtual tour giving a polished, professional appearance all in a very easy way at a low cost.

How much is it?

Google Maps Street View | Trusted Virtual Tours start from £350 and most of our customers pay exactly that.  That’s a one off fee that includes photography, post processing and web hosting.  You can find our full, clear and honest pricing policy here.

To see answers to other frequent questions, visit our FAQ page.


Here’s one of our favourite recent tours created for Alimo restaurant in Whistable.
Click and drag with your mouse to walk around the room. Then you can click on one of the V shaped arrows to move to another area.

View Larger

To see the full listing exactly as it would appear on Google maps, just go to the maps homepage and enter the search “Alimo Restaurant, Whistable”.

And there are plenty more to see on our examples page. Whether you are run a meeting place such as a cafe, pub, bar, restaurant or nightclub. Or maybe you’re a specialist retailer running a flower shop or jewellers.

We have examples of everything from a gym, to a beautician, a tanning salon, massage, acupuncture, complementary therapy and a dentist.

And don’t forget our four legged friends! You can see a walkthrough tour of a grooming parlour and a vets.

A virtual tour is ideal for promoting every important destination from the perfect country B&B, to a luxury hotel and especially a wonderful wedding venue.


We have a simple, transparent pricing structure.  The price you pay depends on the size of your premises – the bigger and more complex they are, the more work it is and so the more you pay.

Here are our package prices.


£350all inclusive
£350all inclusive
  • A small shoot is suitable for small businesses with 1 or 2 rooms.  It allows up to 9 viewpoints (i.e. 5 more than bare minimum) and 15 highlight shots (I.e. approx 10 of your choosing)  The cost is £350.
  • This is ideal for shops, coffee shops and small pubs.


£575All inclusive
  • A medium shoot is suitable for medium sized businesses (this is the physical size of the business premises not the financial size!) - a larger shop, a pub or restaurant with up to half a dozen rooms.  It allows up to 15 viewpoints (i.e. 11 more than bare minimum) and 25 highlight shots (I.e. approx 20 of your choosing)  The cost is £575.
  • This is perfect for shops, small department stores, clubs, bars and restaurants. This is our most popular package.


£900All inclusive
£900All inclusive
  • A large shoot is suitable for large sized businesses  - a large shop with more than one floor, a hotel or wedding venue.  It allows up to 30 viewpoints (i.e. plenty for one floor or 2 or more small floors) and 45 highlight shots (I.e. most things you could want photographing)  The cost is £900.
  • The best choice for department stores, wedding venues, garden centres and car showrooms.


£900All inclusive
£900All inclusive
  • If you have a huge property (e.g. a large gym, a wildlife park, a campsite) then just get in touch to discuss a price.

You can find out more about what all of these include on the pricing page.

To book

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